Summer has arrived and, if current trends hold, it will deliver some of the hottest temperatures on record. Since many Americans spend far more on cooling their homes than heating, this could cause your home cooling costs to skyrocket. The good news is that homeowners don’t have to endure miserably hot temperatures to realize savings on their monthly energy bills during the summer. With upfront investment in new technologies and some time spent on preventative maintenance, homeowners can enjoy lower energy bills even during the dog days of summer.

We’ve put together a list of some good energy habits that will help you reduce your energy use and monthly expenses while keeping your home cool this summer.


Maintenance makes perfect 

Maintaining your heating and cooling system is important to reduce your year-round energy bills, and it is especially important in the summer months. Your unit has a big workload; most units run for hours each day. By properly maintaining the unit, you can improve its operational efficiency and lower its energy consumption.


Change your air filters – Regularly changing your air filters is one of the easiest and most effective means of keeping your unit operating properly. In general, you should change your air filter once a month. Air filters that absorb too much dirt will cause airflow obstructions and may allow dirt into the system, which can damage it.


Have your ducts inspected – In addition to leaks, your ducts may also have excessive dirt and dust that can reduce heating and cooling system efficiency and impact your home’s indoor air quality. Heating and cooling technicians can do several things to improve your ducts, including cleaning them thoroughly with special brushes and vacuums, treating them with chemicals that will resist mold and bacteria growth, and sealing tiny holes that can cause air loss.

It is recommended that homeowners have their ductwork inspected and maintained every few years for optimum efficiency and to ensure they don’t have dirty, polluted air circulating through their homes.


Install a smart thermostat – Modern thermostats help homeowners better manage their heating and cooling energy usage. The newest thermostats allow homeowners to program when they want to system to be most and least active. High-end thermostats can even learn their owners’ schedules and preferences and adapt to accommodate them.

Some thermostats integrate with owners’ smartphones and allow their owners to adjust thermostat settings from anywhere—a big convenience for workers who commute or are frequently out of town.


Get on a maintenance schedule – At least every other year, you should have heating and cooling system technicians visit your home to service the unit. They’ll inspect the unit to ensure it has adequate coolant and also check the coils and other mechanical components of the unit to be sure they are working properly.


Save with MassSave® – O’Neal Plumbing & HVAC Solutions is a trusted Mass Save® partner. We offer free evaluations of your home and can take you through the process to help identify areas where we can make your home more efficient. Visit our website to schedule your in-home consultation today.


Bottom Line 

The summer months put stress on your HVAC system, making it less efficient and more costly. By using the above tips, you can not only keep cool this summer, but also save money and energy as well. At O’Neal Plumbing & HVAC Solutions, we provide maintenance, installation, and repairs for nearly any HVAC and plumbing system. Learn how O’Neal Plumbing & HVAC solutions can help you save money on your energy bills today by contacting us via phone (888) 746-2626 or send an email at

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