Smart home plumbing is here, and it’s showing homeowners that savvy tech can do a lot more than time their lawn sprinklers. 

After all, who doesn’t want to save money while saving the planet? In this blog, we’re showing you the gadgets that can help you do both.

Here are the five hottest home plumbing tech products that will save you money and resources in 2021 and beyond:


1. “Brain Pipes”

When a pipe is smarter than you, it’s usually a cause for concern, but not in this case.

Imagine you’re out of the house, and one of your pipes starts leaking. Typically, you’d have to wait until you arrived home to the sight of an expensive, watery mess before you even knew anything went wrong.

Not with smart pipe systems, however.

When you install smart pipes, the plumbing infrastructure will identify the leak and will text you instantly. It works for leaks, bursts, and other common pipe issues.

Think of it as a doorbell camera for your home’s plumbing system. You’ll even get an SMS text informing you exactly where the problem is located, which will allow you to call us right away to mitigate any damage before it adds up to a costly bill. 


2. Smart fixtures

Did you know that even your showerhead can help you save money? It’s true.

Green plumbing fixtures can work independently of your home’s plumbing to help cut down on water usage and costly utility bills.

Everything from showerheads that regulate water pressure to low-pressure faucets saves homeowners loads of money while reducing their environmental footprint. 

These devices are often sold separately and work independently of any other smart home system. It’s a great alternative for someone looking to do minimal work upgrading their home’s plumbing. 


3. Appliances that use water are now using less 

Toilets? Check. 

Dishwashers? Check.

Oh, and who could forget about new energy-saving washing machines? Not us! 

There is no shortage of fantastic smart appliances on the market. From low-pressure toilets that reduce clogs and save water to dishwashers that clean deep without stretching your wallet, it’s never been a better time to shop for appliances.

Many home appliances can even be connected to a mobile app to help you control when you wash the dishes or do the laundry. It’s never been easier to complete household chores without running up a high water bill. 

Some products can be interconnected. They’ll even send you energy reports to help you reduce your water usage.


4. Smart sprinklers rescue lawns & household budgets

Why should your home’s indoor plumbing get all the futuristic glory? Well, move over water pipes because it’s your lawn’s time to shine. 

Systems like ETWater offer programmable lawn protection with the opportunity to conserve resources. The cloud-based platform lets you keep tabs on the amount of water you’re using and can also recommend new settings to save you even more money.

The best part is that the system measures how much your lawn has been watered, which means you can officially take the guesswork out of keeping your lawn enviably green. 


5. “Gently used water” has a new home 

Ever wonder what happens to the water that’s not been heavily used? Perhaps a quick rinse of a dish or the wetting of a dishcloth has left you wondering what, if anything, is wrong with the water going down the drain. 

Now, you can put that “gently used” water to use with greywater recycling technology. Sink, shower, and laundry machine runoff water, while slightly dirty, can be reused in your lawn’s irrigation system. 

Not only is this recycled water plant safe, but it can also be used as a fertilizer to improve the appearance of your home’s landscaping. 


Ready to get smart?

We’re ready to help you save more on your water bill.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about installing any of the smart home products listed above. We regularly install complex systems to bring homes in Massachusetts & Rhode Island up to energy-efficient standards.

We look forward to showing you how easy it is to save big on your water bill.

If you’re looking for a free way to cut down your home’s energy cost, please book a consultation with us for the MassSave® program.

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