When you’ve got a leaky faucet or a toilet that won’t flush, you may be tempted to call a handyman to fix the issue. Yet, most plumbing work should only be tackled by a trained professional.

So, can a handyman do plumbing work with the same level of quality as a trained plumber? The answer might not always seem clear. You may assume that a handyman will save you money on repairs. You may also have a good relationship with a local handyman who you’ve used for years.

No matter what, we always advocate hiring a professionally trained plumber to perform any work in your home.

Let’s go through why it’s a good idea to stick with the professionals so that you can ensure you get it done right the first time.

What’s the difference between plumbers and handymen?

A handyman is someone who completes minor repairs like cleaning gutters, fixing doors, or even installing fixtures. Handymen do not hold professional contracting licenses and are not subject to a professional plumber’s rigorous training.

By contrast, plumbers complete extensive training and are licensed by the state. Many go through apprenticeships. All this experience grants them in-depth knowledge of your home’s plumbing situation. In short, they can diagnose a complex issue in no time flat.

Can a handyman do plumbing work? Well, consider these questions:

  • Got an older New England house? The plumbing may not be straightforward and require specialized expertise that only a local plumber can offer.
  • Know the law? Professional plumbers know how to keep your home up to code. This means necessary permits and more. Local codes change all the time, and a general understanding of maintenance isn’t enough to stay current.
  • Do they have their measurements, right? Getting your plumbing work done right requires more than jiggling your toilet’s flush handle. It requires precise measurements to ensure quality results that last.
  • How deep can they go? Is your handyman taking the temperatures of your home’s water system? Are they curious about what’s going on behind the wall? It’s one thing to fix a leak, and it’s another thing to discover the source of it.
  • Would you trust them in an emergency? Let’s say a pipe bursts or your boiler goes down. Do you have confidence in your handyman’s ability to diagnose the problem while fully grasping the entirety of your home’s plumbing system?

These are just four questions that raise concerns about the need for a trained plumber to do the work on your home. Sure, a handyman may quote you a somewhat lower price, but for reasons we’ll cover shortly, they can end up costing you more.

Next, let’s explore the potential headaches waiting for you should you not keep these questions in mind when having plumbing work done on your home.

Insurance, explosions, and flooding, oh my!

Before answering the question can a handyman do plumbing work, it’s vital to ask whether they should even be working on your home in the first place.

Since handymen are not required to be licensed by the state, they are also not required to carry insurance like plumbers. What could this mean?

  • If their lack of expertise causes issues, they’re not covered, and neither are you.
  • Their mistakes come out of YOUR wallet.
  • You could be liable if they get injured while working on your home.

Not fun. There are other big concerns, too. Remember that lack of in-depth knowledge we spoke about in the earlier section? That’s likely to cause big problems:

  • Water heaters are serious (and dangerous) business. These are complex machines that have the potential to cause serious damage if not replaced or repaired properly. What looks like one problem could be something entirely different. Approaching a boiler could lead to trouble if done without expertise.
  • False confidence leads to floods. We’ve seen this happen a few times. A handyman shows up with great intentions, and the next thing you know, your home is flooded. In these instances, the costly headache could have been avoided if they hired a professionally trained plumber.
  • Save now, pay later. You know those pipes you were hoping to replace for a lesser amount of money? Well, now it’s a year later, and they’ve burst. Get ready to pay exponentially more.

Even something as simple as unclogging a toilet or drain can have unintended consequences when left in unskilled hands. If you don’t know how a home’s pipes work, it’s easy to cause unintended damage, which will cost the homeowner in the long-run.

If you’re asking can a handyman do plumbing work, then you’re better off canceling your doubts in advance by hiring a licensed professional.

Get it done right the first time

There’s no substitute for expertise. Your home’s plumbing requires a professionally trained plumber to correctly address your issues while anticipating future problems down the road.

We help homeowners like you with top-notch plumbing services. In fact, we’re the Number One plumber in Norton, Mansfield, and Foxboro, MA! Whether it’s an emergency, a repair that needs attention, or a home renovation project, trust us with your home plumbing & HVAC needs.

Contact us for a free estimate, and get it done right the first time.

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